Storm Water Management Program

Environmental Rate Consultants, Inc. (ERC, Inc.) is a very specialized financial consulting firm comprised of financial consultants, computer programmers and Business Plan development and Process experts. ERC is a private financial/computer firm with over 50 years of combined experience in consistently delivering cost effective and on-time products. ERC's corporate office is located in the Cincinnati, Ohio / Northern Kentucky metropolitan area and has a satellite office in Mason, Ohio.

Financial Elements

  • Needs Analysis;
  • Rate Study Analysis;
  • Rate Model Development;
  • Rate Structure Analysis;
  • Financing Options Analysis;
  • Financial Strategy Analysis;
  • Cost of Service Analysis;
  • Gross Revenue Estimates;
  • Cash Flow Analysis.

Institutional Elements

  • Regional / District Implementation Laws and Regulations;
  • County Implementation Laws and Regulations;
  • Local Storm Water Ordinances;
  • Rate Stucture Analysis;
  • Program Ordinances;
  • Policy and Priority Definitions;
  • Organizational Analysis;
  • Staffing Requirements;
  • Operation and Maintenance Analysis.

Public Information Elements

  • Identify and Define Public Information Options;
  • Develop and Perform Community Survey;
  • Develop Public Information Video;
  • Hold Public Workshops and Forums;
  • Build Community Consensus;
  • Create Brochures;
  • Create and Facilitate Advisory Committees;
  • Develop "Champion" to Support the Program;
  • Involve Local Schools and Churches.

Billing Elements

  • Billing System Design and Implementation;
  • Stand Alone Billing System Development;
  • Microsoft Access™ Database Programming;
  • ArcGIS™ Impervious Area Polygon Development;
  • Integration With Property Tax Billing System;
  • Integration With Current Water/Sewer Billing System;
  • Develop and Operate Temporary Customer Service Center;
  • Training for Customer Service Staff;
  • Utilize Local College Students;
  • Hardware and Software Recommendations.